International M&A

The local offices give our alliance firms and their clients a strong presence on the ground in their own core markets, and the alliance firm’s offices help the local firms to capitalize on their client’s global opportunities. Regardless of geographic location, our M&A professionals work together as one cohesive team. World M&A Alliance has a positive reputation with clients around the world as a responsible M&A specialist.

Client’s needs

Manage local expectations, on both sides. M&A is a critical driver of industry structure and future competitiveness within various countries. The time for cross-border M&A is now. Asian companies for instance have gained stature and confidence, and dealing with them from different continents requires experienced negotiation skills and techniques. Besides local access to companies, financial institutions and private equity firms is crucial.

Global opportunities

Tomorrow’s winners are moving fast, today. More cross-border M&A activity is occurring in developed and emerging markets. The classic call would be long on local consolidation and short on cross-border activity in the region’s more fragmented industries. It is push and pull among different continents. Companies are moving fast to acquire regional or global competitors to gain access to new markets, new technologies, new brands, core resources, and better research and development capability.

Cohesive team

It is not as hard as it seems. Managing cultural differences in a merger or acquisition transaction is not about erasing one culture or building a new culture from scratch. Instead, it is about using an experienced well-attuned team, being aware, and communicating well.

The work of our cohesive sector teams in our worldwide offices is a well-established part of our added value creation to our clients. Uniquely, our sector team in Asia for instance is completely focused on supporting our client’s M&A activities in Europe and the Americas and vice versa.

Our deep and long-standing relationships throughout local core markets, and intimate understanding of the cultural, regulatory and legislative differences between countries, enables us to source, evaluate and capitalize on the best opportunities. Our team of professionals includes 12 nationalities, speaking 20 languages, often giving us ‘home team’ advantage.