AquaPhyto enters into joint venture with Schiphol Group

Blacktrace coordinated setting up the joint venture between Schiphol Group and AquaPhyto. Blacktrace also arranged finance for the joint venture, which included an investment made by Teijin, a Japanese Company.

Agro biotechnology

AquaPhyto is a biotechnology company that specializes in the production of micro-algae. AquaPhyto was founded in 2005 by Managing Director Robert Beard. Robert Beard was previously employed as a scientific researcher in Amsterdam. His projects included research into methods for combating algae. During his career, Robert Beard became increasingly impressed by algae: "They are full of vitamins, healthy fatty acids, convert CO2 into oxygen and are suitable for use as a bio fuel". The company has designed and built breeding basins in Flevoland where different types of algae are produced. The algae are used for research and in the manufacturing of products like animal feedstuffs. Moreover, the company produces algae for mussel and oyster farms in the Dutch province of Zeeland. Prins & Dingemans, for example, is one of the company’s customers. Schiphol Group is the owner and operator of the main airports in the Netherlands: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Lelystad Airport. Moreover, it holds a 51% stake in Eindhoven Airport. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the 9th largest airport when looking at passenger traffic, making it one of the most important hubs in Europe. Next to the Dutch airports, the group holds minority stakes in airports in the US, Australia and Austria. Schiphol Group is headquartered in Schiphol, employs over 2000 people and is largely owned by the Dutch Ministry of Finance and Municipality of Amsterdam.In cooperation with Schiphol Group, AquaPhyto has developed micro-seaweed basins (algae baths) at the Schiphol airport site.