Ayesa, an A&M Capital Europe AMCE portfolio company, acquires Ibermática

ARCANO has acted as exclusive financial advisor to Ayesa on the acquisition of Ibermática.

Through the acquisition of Ibermática, Ayesa will become the top five player in Spain’s IT market The combined group will generate c.600m of sales and benefit from enhanced technological capabilities, broad sector coverage, a deeper nationwide presence, and a stronger international footprint.

Technology Solutions Provider

Ayesa is a global provider of technology and engineering services with more than 6 300 employees in 20 countries across Europe, Latin America, and Asia. With the acquisition of Ibermática Ayesa reinforces its presence the following areas artificial intelligence, data analytics, process automation and cloud computing services.

Ibermática is a leading Spain based technology solutions provider specialized the digitization of large corporations and public administration Ibermática offers a wide ranging portfolio of solutions spanning IT consultancy, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and data analytics among other services.