Wm Clinics' shareholders sale a majority stake of the Company to Peninsula Capital

ARCANO has acted as the exclusive financial advisor to the Shareholders of Wm Clinics (the founders, CAPZA and Nexxus Iberia), a leading European franchisor of 4 recognized health brands focused on aesthetic medicine and surgery, fertility, psychology and male sexual health , on the sale of a majority stake to Peninsula Capital.


Peninsula Capital’s investment will allow Wm Clinics to further drive its international growth plan, continue leading the sector with the best technology and launching new business lines

WM Clinics
Aesthetic, fertility, psychology and male sexual health

Wm Clinics is the franchisor and umbrella brand of ::( Dorsia (aesthetic clinics),clinics),( EVA (fertility clinics iii) Origen (psychology clinics and ( The Test (male sexual health). Its franchise network provided 140 m in sales in 2021 and 20 k surgeries per year.

Jorge and Manuel (The founders) created the Company 20 years ago with 1 clinic in Alicante and have expanded it to 4 recognized health brands, 150 clinics and presence in Spain and Portugal.

Created in 2004 CAPZA is an established European private investment platform focused on small mid cap companies CAPZA has offices in Paris, Munich, Madrid, Milan and Amsterdam.

Nexxus Iberia is a private equity firm founded in 2016 They invest in Spanish and Portuguese SMEs to accelerate their growth and support international expansion across Europe, Latin America and the USA.